What are the precautions for using photovoltaic power generation

2022-06-27 14:34:55 浙江晟泰新能源股份有限公司 Viewd 133

1. When installing the solar panels, pay attention not to scratch the installed panels on the frame of the panels during handling, and prepare designers or installers to check the installation site before installation, and carefully select the location of the solar cells. Electrical equipment can no longer be used. Under the sun, the closer the solar array is to the battery and power conditioning equipment, the better. Clean up the site, clean up the sanitation, and prepare the required materials and tools according to the requirements of the designer or installer.

2. All connecting lines of the photovoltaic power generation system need to be transferred in the nearest electrical junction box. Electrical junction boxes can protrude or be recessed into walls, ceilings or floors. Outdoor conductors can only be connected on the underside of the junction box. When connecting sockets and connectors, pay special attention to the respective characteristics of DC and AC; when wiring DC systems, pay attention to judging the positive and negative polarities of wires and terminals; when wiring AC systems, pay attention to judging live wire, neutral wire and ground wire. Proper wiring can prevent damage to equipment, eliminate fires, and reduce the risk of electric shock.

3. The unpacked solar panels at the construction site should be laid flat with the front facing up, with wooden pallets or solar panel packaging at the bottom. It is strictly forbidden to place them upright, obliquely or suspended in the air, and it is strictly forbidden to directly expose the back of the modules to the sun.

4. The location of the construction system needs to be open, and there should be no tall buildings or other things blocking the sunlight where the solar cell array of Jiaotong University is installed.