What are the types of photovoltaic power generation

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1. Independent photovoltaic power generation

Independent photovoltaic power generation is also called off-grid photovoltaic power generation. It is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, and batteries. To supply power to the AC load, an AC inverter needs to be configured. Independent photovoltaic power stations include village power supply systems in remote areas, solar household power supply systems, communication signal power supplies, cathodic protection, solar street lights and other photovoltaic power generation systems with batteries that can operate independently.

2. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation has centralized large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power stations, which are generally national power stations. However, this kind of power station has not developed much due to its large investment, long construction period and large area. Distributed small-scale grid-connected photovoltaics, especially photovoltaic building-integrated photovoltaic power generation, are the mainstream of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation due to the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small footprint, and strong policy support.

3. Distributed photovoltaic power generation

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system, also known as distributed power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the configuration of smaller photovoltaic power supply systems at the user site or close to the power site to meet the needs of specific users and support the economy of the existing distribution network. operation, or both.