China's solar power potential market

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The Chinese government has implemented the “Power Transmission to the Countryside” project in the year. This is the largest rural electrification project in the world that uses photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation. According to statistics, by the end of the year, there are still about 10,000 households in the country. There are no electricity people, and among them, 10,000 households will use the power grid extension, small hydropower and resettlement methods to solve the electricity problem. The remaining million households need to adopt photovoltaic and wind-solar hybrid power generation system. Second, urban building photovoltaic integration It is expected that there will be China's roof plan before the year. The installation of solar cells will have a larger scale of 345 projects. The cumulative installed capacity will reach the construction area of about 600 million square meters according to the existing people in China. Covering an area of 600 million square meters, plus 7 42 south facades, the area of Kechuan is about 100 million square meters. If you install solar cells, you can install 4119:; there will be (the desert power station is built, the installed capacity is the most <= to the year) The cumulative installed capacity of the desert photovoltaic power station will reach the desert, desertified land and potential desertification land in China, and the solar cells can be installed in the total cloud square kilometers. Only use the desert area of 8 to install the solar cell, you can install 41. It is to find the existing motor in the country (double 'mouth, three large-scale photovoltaic desert power station, desert power station needs long-distance power transmission, generally medium and large The scale is the main one. In China, the research and construction of large-scale solar grid-connected power generation directly connected to the high-net network is still empty.

It is expected that before the year, the total price of energy consumption will reach double-digit growth for four consecutive years. In view of the rapid growth of energy demand and the consideration of energy structure, in the future, China’s new energy will be high-speed. Growth, wind power, nuclear power will produce the future third-person power supply wind power 2 joyful health wind power industry renewable energy law 2 wind power industry rapid growth guarantee 2 wind power concession project 2 wind power on-grid price using tender form, introduced Competition, improve the economics of wind power generation, promote the localization of wind turbines 2 Wind power concessions 2 Guarantee power generation several networks 2 VAT, income tax halved 2 Bank loan interest rate discount, etc. = Localization rate of wind power equipment 2? At the beginning of the year, wind farms with localization rate less than 0-8 will not be able to start construction, which will help localization of wind power equipment. According to the plan, wind power installed capacity will increase at an average annual rate in the next 15 years. It is the third major power source in the future. The current wind power industry is gestating the opportunity. The frontier of China's wind power market is still unstable. Many enterprises have invested in the development of megawatt wind turbines. With the rapid development of the wind power industry, the future childhood pattern There will be major changes. The three major power generation equipment groups have great advantages in entering the wind power industry with strong strength. 2 Foreign-funded enterprises have responded to the localization of wind power equipment by means of joint ventures, and they are looking for partners in China. Domestic enterprises share the big cake in the domestic wind power market. The nuclear fuel components of the loaded materials are about 8 years old. The domestic nuclear fuel is completely produced by domestic enterprises. The Yibin nuclear fuel component factory has a large number of copies.

Wind power and nuclear power equipment are likely to adopt large-scale emblems to consider sustainable development, environmental protection and other factors. The wind power and nuclear power are close to the thermal power and hydropower, and the competing strength of solar power generation is lower due to the lower base. There will be a relatively high-speed growth, but the mountain is too expensive, and the time for large-scale application in the short term has not yet become hot. Nuclear power 2 should be developed in the future. The wind power is the most mature technology in renewable energy. The annual cost is reduced. The annual cost of wind power is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 8 years. In the year, wind power accounts for the largest proportion of total electricity. The frontier of wind power technology includes 2 single-unit capacity increase, blade changes, and tower height rise. Nuclear power development has been stalled after the direct drive and hybrid turbulence technology, control and monitoring technology, and offshore wind power generation. The US Department of Energy recently proposed that the fourth-generation nuclear energy system will be sustainable and safe. Reliability and economy, while nuclear power plants built in large quantities at the end of the year in Europe and the United States are about to be retired, seeking to build new nuclear energy, nuclear Re-recovering, China's nuclear power strategy is also appropriate to develop nuclear power into active development of nuclear power nuclear power equipment manufacturing has a relatively monopolistic equipment investment accounted for the total investment of nuclear power plants in addition to the nuclear pump in the nuclear island and some digital instrument control equipment, China's two major power generation equipment The group has the ability to manufacture parts of the equipment for nuclear islands and conventional islands.